Ha ha ha bonk (laughing my head off)

One of my colleagues got pranked yesterday. Someone asked her for a book about a man who ate his own faeces or some such, and she looked on the computer for it… They then told her she’d been secretly filmed for a comedy show and asked her to sign a release form so they can use the footage. She declined. Thing is they obviously don’t realise that she didn’t bat an eyelid or react because we get genuinely asked for similar all the time and have learnt to display blank disinterest rather than blush or question.

There’s a regular who asks for a medical book about giving birth, and then says it’s for work so he needs it to be more graphic than the general pregnancy guides, then asks if we have anything that shows “women’s bits” opening wide in more close up detail.

There’s the guy who came screeching in, drunk, demanding “I NEED LESBIAN PORN NOW”.

There are the faux photographer’s who buy “art” books that are really just tits and arse shots.

The man who asked for water sports and didn’t want the sport section.

The woman whose boyfriend told me she was looking for rude books to get off on.

I’m sure there is an alternative health book that advocates the drinking of urine.

And so on.

So yeah, when someone asks for a book on pooh, we will just look it up and tell you if we have it. We’ll even offer to order it for you if we don’t.

Just isn’t funny is all.

(Oh, this post is gonna fuck with my google stats isn’t it, sorry to disappoint any one who is here for another reason than book blether!)

3 thoughts on “Ha ha ha bonk (laughing my head off)”

  1. When I started bookselling I naively thought I’d be working with the creme de la creme of society – sensitive, intelligent, intellectual people who appreciated the finer things in life.The reality is quite different!

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