Super excitement!!!!!!!!!

I am soooo busting with happiness!

I am on the shortlist of the National book Tokens 75th anniversary Not yet Published competition!


Whooooooo and hooooooo.

The bookseller

So they added an h to my name and made me a Sarah, I don’t mind, I am thrilled!


10 thoughts on “Super excitement!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Wow! The fact that they got your name slightly wrong is a very minor issue. And now I understand the name of your blog. In early August I decided to subscribe to “The Bookseller” after I went to a book signing by Marie Phillips (Gods Behaving Badly, and another blogger that I read). So I had heard about this competition in one of the daily briefings, but not read the article. We even get a small picture in the print edition…Congratulations, and I will definitely be queueing for a signed copy or two when your book is published.

  2. Thank you all so much. I feel really chuffed at the moment, and proud, which is, hmmm, actually unheard of.Today I was in the Guardian! The Guardian! OK, it was right in the back of the review, and yeah, they too had an ‘h’ on my name, but, wow!First time my dad ever bought that paper!It was weird seeing my photo in The Bookseller, (what a moon face), and I am a fair bit older than the other 3. Plus, my use of the word ‘skew-whiff’ has made a couple of people laugh. My husband says it’s a very old fashioned word that isn’t heard any more. Oh!Am also feeling like an x-factor contestant, I may start babbling about how this is my dream and all I have ever wanted at any moment now!Anyway, thanks a million for giving a damn, I appreciate it.

  3. Of course. we “give a damn”. I only read the blogs of people I like. I have read your blog for the last several months because I like your writing, and also because I want you to be happy, or become less unhappy when you are ill or have problems. So I am sure we all want you to win.As for the article being at the back of the review, that is the place where they talk about books after all. I seem to have spent all day reading blogs, so I hadn’t opened the Guardian yet (this must be a good paper because many of the bloggers I read work for it, write articles for it or aspire to do so; it is an excellent place to get a mention). Finally, the extra “h” is not surprising seeing that “Joel Rickett is deputy editor of the Bookseller”.

  4. Hi SaraCongratulations!!!!Well done you!!!You star!!!Wow!!!I now have all my fingers and toes crossed until November. Bugger.Can you advise on how to type with crossed fingers?(See you next weekend, will buy you a drink with huge pleasure!)lovevanessa

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