My husband is not much of a reader, one book a year is about his limit, plus a couple of wrestling magazines and graphic novels and a gazillion reprts on dementia and elders. He is smart as anything, a fabulous musician, an expert in his field, just not into reading for fun. Anyway, he looked at a couple of bits I have written recently and said ‘There’s a definite theme to everything you write,” which instantly had me intrigued. I’d love to know what my recurrent theme is.
He said “It’s like here’s a gorgeous juicy apple, oh, but wait, it’s full of maggots!”


6 thoughts on “Bleurgh-y.”

  1. Hello Sara. I worked hard to produce this comment… I remembered reading two of your short stories a few weeks back and thought this was a chance to say how much I enjoyed them. But I needed to know where I had found them, and that proved difficult. While reading the archives, I recognised “” and eventually found the stories again. May I suggest a new link in your sidebar?I read and enjoy all your posts, even if I don’t always comment. Itis good to read that you are enjoying your MAC and look forward to see a lot more of your writing.

  2. Hello pierre, well how kind of you to say that you liked my stories, thank you, especially considering the effort you had to make to re-find them!I think the reason I originally didn’t link was because I wanted to hide my on-line self from real life people, work colleagues, playground mums and so on. People can find me easily enough now tho’, so it’s a good idea of yours. Will get right onto it!Oh, and yes, I love my Mac very much.Thanks for taking the time.

  3. … and we even get the third story I read about but couldn’t find yesterday. Thank you very much indeed, and good luck with the writing and getting things published!

  4. I actually think that’s the juicy but maggotty apple is a great thing to say. I love things like that (metaphorically speaking. I don’t actually like larvae-infested fruit.) I’d be well complemented, it’s like being the literary equivalent of a David Lynch film.

  5. I think I’d take that as a compliment. Better than “Here’s an apple… oh look, it’s still just an apple…” :)I hope that makes sense. *This* is why I’m not a writer.

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