Having a blast.

I have been very busy, but pleasingly so. Hurrah.

The online writer’s group I have joined is rather inspiring. We had a “Blastette” last Friday, which was a day of writing to prompts. I said I’d do 10, which proved much harder than I had anticipated, despite being allowed to make the pieces as long or short as one wished.

What fun tho’. I have never written flash fiction before this group, but writing instantly to prompts is astonishing in how it magically seems to cause characters and voices to bubble up from ones mind. I created a pervy poet, a grief stricken widow, a frustrated housewife, an evil boy, a scared teenager (also male), a romantic old lady…

I don’t think that these are characters I would necessarily choose to write, but one or two of them I may try to expand on. Brilliant fun reading other peoples work too, knowing they were creating at the same time, reading the same prompts and writing them alongside me.

Summer holidays are looming and I want to keep on writing as much as possible so as not to lose momentum. It’s difficult when the boys are home, but due to the wonder of Playstation I may be able to squeeze some bits in here and there!

5 thoughts on “Having a blast.”

  1. I quite enjoy writing to prompts, but my problem is I’m rubbish at fleshing them out from there. Think I might just stick to reading other people’s creations just now!Good luck getting more writing done! x

  2. I know what you mean! I do feel a bit like I have finished with them now, don’t feel particularly like going back to them. They might be useful when I feel stuck for summat to write…it was cool bananas doing them tho’.Thanks for the luck…

  3. Wasn’t it fun? Even though I only wrote 4, a little short of my target, I loved doing it. Looking forward to the next one – and more power to your boys’ Playstation so we get more of our creations to read!Tania

  4. Thanks goncalo, I have heard of it but haven’t looked yet. Will do.Tania, I’m not surprised you didn’t do many considering where you were (are?) and all your other writing commitments! It was fab, let’s do it all again some time…maybe after summer?

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