Excuses…or life…or blether…

I’m not online much due to a mix of computer issues and ongoing health problems.
I think I have decided to buy a MacBook very soon though, and I will try to stick to this decision as I have wasted way too much time debating the pc vs Mac thang with myself and anyone who I can make join in. The upshot seems to be that Mac users become evangelical about the intuitive joys of Mac, and PC users think Maccers are suckers for buying into image. Today in despair I turned to my mum for advice (this is not something I do lightly) and she pointed out that I’d just sulk if I didn’t get a Mac so i’d best just get on with it!

I saw an elderly man in falling down trousers in his front garden using a make shift catapault and aiming stones at his roof where a seagull and her babies are nesting. It seemed all kinds of wrong.

4 thoughts on “Excuses…or life…or blether…”

  1. Without wishing to get into the PC vs Mac controversy (I use PCs, but I write programs and build software). People who do desktop publishing, and writers, generally seem to prefer the Mac interface and tools. So go with your choice. I hope you health issues get resolved; I am selfish – I enjoy reading you.While I suppose seagulls may be noisy and cause a mess (we don’t get many in Berkshire!), I hope he missed the seagull and her babies.

  2. I’ve always had PCs but at university we had Macs, which I got a bit evangelical about for a while. Never got round to getting one myself and now I’m used to PCs again.That’s really of no help to you deciding whether to get one, but you know, just thought I’d throw it into the mix. :)PS, came to your blog recently via Scott Pack’s, and I like it very much!

  3. pierre; you will be glad to hear that he missed by a long way on each of the attempts I saw him make. The mother seagull seemed entirely unfussed.Kirsty; hello! How kind of you to say that you like my blog, and thanks for adding to the mix!

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