Any N’s?

“Where have you put your “N’s?”
“Yes, N’s” Customer gestures with one arm sweeping across the alphabetized fiction bay of L’s and M’s and, yes, N’s and O’s and P’s.
“There are no N’s,” he says crossly.
I go over and sweep my own arm across in a matching movement. I stop in front of…da dahhh, N.
“Here we are, N’s, just here.”
“Ah, right, thanks.”
“No problem.”

One thought on “Any N’s?

  1. I have just realised that I haven’t read your blog at all since mid-April when I commented about a rude customer who couldn’t find the 4th floor. So I went looking at my old bookmarks, found Susan Hill, who led me to Marie Philips, who led me to, and amomg her friends there was a Sara. So I opened this Sara, found a reference to an old Adrian Mole diary. I can’t remember whether you are Clare’s original friend Sara mentioned in her diaries, or a current friend of Clare’s, so here I am. And I promise not to get lost again… Isn’t the Internet wonderful?Back to the post. This reminds me of the number of times and I have looked all over the house for a yellow book, only to find that the book was actually green. So I can see how your customer might not have been able to see the ‘N’s even though they were right in front of him. Having said that, the customer did seem to be rather rude!

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