Channel 4 news weirdness.

In the middle of their story about how Andrew Flintoff got drunk and had to be rescued from a dinghy, Channel 4 news flashed up a cartoon dinghy picture with a cartoon Andrew Flintoff waggling his head about whilst surrounded by cartoon bottles of alcohol. Channel 4 news! It was like something from one of those mock ups trashy papers sometimes do where they print in teeny letters “this is what **** may have looked like when doing ****”
Very odd.

1 thought on “Channel 4 news weirdness.”

  1. Or as The Simpsons TV-shows-within-shows would put it: [breathlessly delivered sonorous tone] “Dramatisation: may not have occurred.”Newsnight, the other seriously viewed news programme on TV, is mad on its silly cartoonish graphics and dingbats to spice up its reports. Not sure how they continue to get away with it.

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