Grr argh!

Chip and pin; people, come on, at least give it a fucking go. It’s been months since it’s introduction, surely by now you know what is expected.

Blimey. I mean at least try eh? Don’t just stand there and look at me as if I’m shit and fling your card across the counter at me so that I have to lean right over (and I am short so it’s a big stretch) to your (the customer) side of the counter to insert the card into the machine whilst you gaze off into the distance as if its all vaguely beneath you. Or worse, speak on your mobile phone until I ask again for you to enter your pin before it “times out”, then tut and tell the person on the other end to hang on whilst you do me the favour of pressing those mystery digits into the box of wonder.

This is me at least 20 times a work day.
Yes, they are all different aren’t they [smile], I don’t know why they didn’t make them uniform [smile] The chip has to go in the slot. No, the other way, [smile], no, the other way [gestures a flip movement with right hand].

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