Best of the year, with salt.


Without question (Beth Ditto)/Gossip for “Standing in the way of control”.
What an awesome voice. Strong, clear, gorgeous. And she’s a gloriously fat, feisty beauty. The whole sound is stripped down, bare of frills and unnecessary twiddles. The songs all have unbelievable hooks and a sing-a-longa quality too. One track even has anthemic pauses for one to clap along with! Perfect.

Oh yeah, thanks Matt!


This is difficult. There have been books that I have really enjoyed reading this year, but I honestly can’t think of one that outshone the rest. There are 4 books that I eagerly waited for so I’ll list them instead;

Helen Simpson “Constitutional”
Derren Brown “Tricks of the mind.”
Courtney Love “Dirty Blonde.”
Yehuda Koren, Eilat Negev “A lover of unreason.”

I have yet to read the Derren Brown one, having received it for Christmas, but it looks fascinating. Helen Simpson I have raved about previously. Courtney’s book is an arty scrap book of jottings and pics. It is a fan girl buy as opposed to a biography in which one will learn anything. I will attempt a review of the Assia Wevill bio soon.


Ace as a very ace thing. From the opening episode I was, cliche style, sat on the edge of my seat. I can’t wait for the next batch of this last ever series, but I want it to go on forever. Christopher Moltisanti remains my telly crush, I mean who wouldn’t go all wibbly at the sight of a crack addicted murdering misogynistic alpha male like Chris?

Veronica Mars.
I was delighted to be advised to watch this by the very fab team over at They said it would be gripping and it was. Teen snappy wise cracker Veronica assists her private eye dad solve the many layered mysteries in her home town. It rocks.

Always Neighbours. It’s my safe place, my chill out and mellow zone. With added morality tale too!


Les Murray has published “The Biplane houses” this year. It is astonishing, simple, truthful and wondrous.


Marzipan has made a comeback for me. Having not eaten much of it for a few years I have rediscovered the almondy squishy joy of it.

Toast is always great, usually I have it with marmite.


I am going to award this prestigious accolade to the man who on the 23rd December (ie/ the frantic busy Saturday just before Christmas) pointed out that the book he was buying said “£6.99 in the UK only” on the back.
Our exchange went something like this;
“Yes, that’s the price.”
“But it says in the UK only?”
“So what happens when I take it to the States? Will they confiscate it?”
“They confiscate all sorts though, food, drugs, liquids.”
“It’s just a book, it refers to the price that you have to pay here when you buy it. It won’t affect anything in the U.S.”
“Fact. I think…” goes red and feels a bit strange and unsure.
“Ahh, thanks for your help.”
“K, Bye.”

That’s all folks…

I wish you a new year full of love, light and happiness.

7 thoughts on “Best of the year, with salt.”

  1. Heh heh, I so hope that guy gets arrested at customs for having a £6.99 UK Only book. Oh and marzipan is the greatest foodstuff ever. Oh and I have to agree about the acesness of Ditto.

  2. thanks fro the recommendations, being stuck out here in Jerusalem I’ve never heard of Beth Ditto, will definitely check her out. Yehuda Koren/Eilat Negev sound like they are from my neck of the woods, what kind of book is it?Toast. A wondrous food. Not sure about marzipan. There’s a marzipan museum here, somewhere up north. Very bizarre experience. That could put you off.Great idea to do Best of the Year. I might have to try that!

  3. Titania…they are, I believe, married Israeli journalists who collaborated on the biography of Assia Wevil. She was the lover of Ted Hughes for 7 years and the reason for him leaving Sylvia Plath.A marzipan museum sounds very curious. Is it little figures made out of marzipan then? Odd!goncalo veiga, hello! I would thoroughly recommend “Subhuman redneck poems” by Les Murray. I notice that you have Bukowski listed in your profile? Have you read his poetry? My favourite ever. Murray is not quite so grimy but truth shines for him too if that makes any sense?

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