Teeny weeny fiction.

There’s a great competition at DBA Lehane’s site;


The challenge is to write a complete short story in just 6 words. As someone who has been struggling to flesh out my stories it is really good fun to try and pare it down this much. It is inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s story “For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.” which succeeds astonishingly well.
Only one entry per person allowed, I have emailed mine which is a very obvious one, but once it popped into my head I could think of no better.

3 thoughts on “Teeny weeny fiction.”

  1. Hi saraJust popped in to return the compliment of reading.Nice blog. Will link if thats OK??re CadenzaI’m more than happy to look at your entry and say why your story wasn’t successful this time, if it would be helpful. I’ll need your full name, and title of story. (We are reinstating the critique facility so it will be good practice…but dont expect a full crit!)maybe email?vrgebbie at aol dotcomthanksvanessa

  2. Hi Sara,I too went in for the Cadenza comp… and got as far as the shortlist but no further. Nice to meet you! Vanessa gave me excellent crit on my story, I highly recommend her talents.Good to find a fellow short story writer to add to my blogs.

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