Rejections (a pep talk from me to me).

Last week I heard back from Mslexia that my submission had not been picked, however it had made the short list of 60 that then had to be cut to 15 by the guest editor. I am trying to take that as a positive, but it’s hard. I am rubbish at submissions; lazy and very blah about it. Too precious as well, easily hurt by not being thought good enough. I always think of Sylvia Plath and her relentless sending out of her and Ted Hughes’ work, and vow that I will do the same and constantly resend stuff. In fact Mslexia rejected the first story that Pulp Net published of mine, and a piece that was long-listed for the Douglas Coupland comp went on to get 2nd place at Kate Mosse’s site. So I should keep going. OK. Fine.

2 thoughts on “Rejections (a pep talk from me to me).”

  1. Like your pep talk. I had a similar experience myself the other day –, rejections are damn hard. Mslexia keeps rejecting me too… I didn’t even get to the last 60! We have to remember, it’s all subjective. It’s one bloke or woman sitting there and whatever takes his or her fancy doesn’t get chucked in the bin. Being published on Pulp Net is great -they pay, too! Well done.

  2. Thanks for your comment.Ach, it is hard being rejected. Writing is such a solo endeavour as well, so one has to take it personally. It is all subjective though, we don’t all like the same genres let alone the same authors. Mslexia does seem a tough nut to crack, shall we make a new years resolution to really go for it in 2007?

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