I just finished Curtis Sittenfeld’s follow up to Prep. It is called “The man of my dreams” which I think is an appalling title, and the jacket cover pictures a frog with a crown on. Blerch. I wouldn’t usually touch such a book, but knowing how astonishingly good her debut was I was full of gleeful anticipation.
Oh. It is rubbish. How sad. I know that she is a very talented author, she has to be to have written Prep, but this is mulch, it’s a nothingy story with none of the wry observations that made Prep such a thrill.

My newest book is Courtney Love’s “Dirty Blonde.” I am sceptical that these really are notes and scribbled bits of this and that, kept for years and unearthed now, but it’s so gorgeously arranged I don’t really care. It’s a beautiful book, very enticing. My lovely colleague Kate went to the book signing in Piccadilly (as did Mr Bookseller to the Stars), and got the book signed to me. Yay! Courtney did the anarchy sign on the last A of my name which I think very old school punk and sweet.

Fuck! Have just seen that it’s now half price…
How can you resist?

She does seem to polarise opinion tho’, so many people have said disparaging things about Ms Love to me. I honestly think she’s ace as a very ace thing, and I do resent the way that she (in her own words from the Jonathan Ross show)”…has been defined by her relationship to a man.” I am so sure that without Kurt we would still all know her name. So there. Plus, whoo, she full on rocks.

2 thoughts on “Books”

  1. I have bought this and I haven’t read it yet but I am a huge fan of Courtney Love. If I released a book, I’d love to release a book like this or a book which has all my dreams in it as well. Tracey Enim’s book is also very good it’s very fleeting and little glimpses of her life without doing the whole traditional autobiography thing.

  2. Oh the Emin book does look great too. I will read that at some point. Now I think about it I see there’s quite a lot of similarities between the two of them, both being strong, loud, opiniated and a little flaky!

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