Here we go again.

Well I have given my Bridport failed entry a tiny rewrite and submitted it elsewhere. I still think it’s good. Not only that! I have finished my invisible woman story. Yay. And I think I’ll be just in time to meet the deadline as long as I get next day post, and manage to make my temperamental printer work. Whilst my stories are “out” there, then there is hope.

My computer has another virus thing so will have to go back to the repair shop. It’s something I feel very uncomfortable about, seems akin to handing a stranger my diary and photo album. The idea also that someone can see all the odd searches I have made creeps me out too. So I hang on to it despite the fact that I now can’t back anything up, or play any disc, and I have no clue as to how much damage is being done every time I turn on.

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