Starry (ish) starry (ish) day.

In a bid to rival the very cool Bookseller to the Stars (his link is over there on the right, he’s good!) I would like to announce that today in the Bookshop by the Sea I served Preston and Chantelle. She giggled a lot and had bad hair. I assume they were with his parents and he was too busy chatting to his dad to do me the courtesy of saying thanks when I handed him his bag of books. Far far more amazingly an hour later Jordan aka Katie Price, Peter Andre and their children came in to the shop. I didn’t serve them myself, but did peek at them from behind a post! She obligingly posed for camera phone pics with some of our customers (taken by Mr Andre.) I believe they totaly trumped the earlier slebs. Katie P is tiny, and pretty, and Peter is actually quite handsome. Hurrah.

Ooh, we also got to see Barbara Windsor waving from a Pride float. What a day, almost like Heat magazine had come to life!

3 thoughts on “Starry (ish) starry (ish) day.”

  1. LOL… totally just gave away where you work!I used to live there and met KP in a hotel I worked in. Did you get Chantelle and KP signing their books while they were there?What did they buy?

  2. No, my manager just joined me in peering over the balcony at KP and no suggestion was made to get any signings!Erm, KP bought “The art of hiding vegetables”.Preston bought “Short history of tractors in Ukranian”, the new Phillip Roth and “Double Fault.”

  3. Preston partaking in a three for two offer, the tyke. Still, these starving musicians have to save money, don’t they. He’s no Patton. I reckon he will just shove the Phillip Roth under his amp to stop it from rocking though.. xx

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