Writing a novel (cos, yeah, so easy *insert eye roll emoji here*)

I am a flash fiction writer, a short story writer, a lover of concise, neat, clear prose, and I am trying to write a novel. I want to complete a first draft by the end of the year; it’s a challenge I have issued myself — can you actually do this? Nobody else cares whether... Continue Reading →

Smash Lits with Ben Slotky

I published The Sandwich Judge by Ben Slotky over at The Forge Literary Magazine this week. It is a superb story. The moment I read it in the subs queue I had a glorious "YES ACCEPT NOW" moment. Please do read it. And then come back and read these daft questions that have nothing to... Continue Reading →

Smash Lits with Rose Andersen

I published Rose Andersen's wonderful nonfiction flash - "Dating Profile" over at FLM. Do give it a read. And I interviewed her too. She has excellent taste in TV detectives and swear words. 1) What is your favourite biscuit? A just warmed chocolate chip cookie. (I am assuming that biscuit in this case is what us... Continue Reading →

Smash Lits with Joy Lanzendorfer

I selected Joy Lanzendorfer's excellent Flash piece "Sleep Disturbance" for publication at FLM & Joy was good enough to take part in this interview.  1) What is your default pub/bar drink? A dry gin martini with a twist. 2) Do you have a poster/picture on your wall? Describe it. Yes, I have this Onward poster by the... Continue Reading →

Smash Lits with Kelly Griffiths

We published a powerful piece of creative non-fiction at the Forge last week - The Boots by Kelly Griffiths - which I urge you all to read. Kelly kindly agreed to take part in one of my daft interviews. 1. What was the last text you sent? “Thank you, Gabe. You saved the day.” (My 13-year-old... Continue Reading →

Smash Lits with Melissa Goodrich

  We published a wonderful flash at The Forge ~ Sapphires by Melissa Goodrich ~ please do read it. And she was a joy to interview for Smash Lits.     1) What is your favourite cheese? I love the sharps. The sharper, the better. 2) You are wallpaper. What is your pattern? Lots of... Continue Reading →

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