blah to the max

I feel blah.

I feel a little as if I want to hibernate and not mix with people, and not sub work, and not talk much, and not put myself “out there” for a while. I think it would be good to settle on the sofa and read some absorbing books. I would like to not worry about deadlines and writing the novel. I bought wii fit on Friday, i’d like to read, and write for pleasure (not to deadlines or for subbing,) and go on the wii fit, and talk to my lovely boys.

I’m on the Waterstone’s New Voices committee or whatever they call it, and I got sent a bunch of books today. I looked them over and it seems I got a couple of cool ones. Last year I think I must have got the dregs because there was nothing I liked at all.

I miss Matt.
So much.

If you go on wikipedia there’s a section of “recent deaths”. I started scouring the ages of people who died this month, looking at their ages, hoping everyone was way older than me.

Things I wish I had said to Janice Galloway –

1) Anything sensible rather than the breathless, gushy nonsense I babbled at her!

(Ha ha)

Okay, I was a little nervous. The more I thought about it the more I realised that of my revered three (Galloway, Lorrie Moore, Ali Smith) Galloway is the writer who I have respected, admired, and aspired to, for the longest, with an unwavering belief that she really does write the best prose of anyone. She is concise, precise, smart, never sentimental, never baggy or saggy. So, y’know, she rocks. And I honestly get a kick out of recommending her books to others, so that they get to read writing of such quality. It occurred to me that I could meet her and dislike her. It happens right? Your hero up there on a pedestal turns out to be an utter arse. I wondered (because I am the type of person to waste time fretting about things that have not yet happened) if I would still heartily recommend her books. I figured I would, because the writing is what counts, not the person.

Didn’t need to worry at all, she was lovely, and very kind to me. She even gifted me a copy of “Rosengarten” which I am delighted by. She looked amazing, read beautifully, answered questions, and asked a couple herself. She was funny and warm, and the extracts she read from “This is not about me” sounded fabulous. I’m very much looking forward to getting stuck into it.


Ooh, Janice Galloway!

Regular readers will know that I’m a massive fan of Janice Galloway. She is such an amazing writer, and forms one part of the writers-I-aspire-to-and-worship-and-sadly-will-never-be-as-good-as-but-oh-how-they-make-me-hope-trio (Lorrie Moore and Ali Smith are the other two). So I was very excited to hear that she has a memoir coming out in September. A new Galloway publication is cause for happy feelings. BUT GUESS WHAT?

Go on, guess?

We have arranged for her to come to the Brighton branch of Waterstones!
Whooooo hoooooo.

Talk & Signing
Janice Galloway
This is Not About Me
Tuesday, 23 September 2008, 7:00PM – 8:00PM
Tickets £3, redeemable against purchase of the book on the night.
The critically acclaimed author of, ‘Where You Find It’ will be in-store to talk about and sign copies of her new auto-biography ‘This Is Not About Me’.
Further details: 01273 206017

I so want this event to be a success, and urge any people in the area to buy a ticket now!

Isn’t it exciting!

By the way, back here I mentioned that I had ordered in copies of Galloway’s short story collection “Where you find it”, and written a review. I was pleased that we had sold 12 copies. We have sold 29 copies now!

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