100 RPM

Caroline Smailes has put together an anthology of 100 tiny fictions (each 100 words or less) inspired by music. All monies from sales of the ebook will go to a charity called One in Four. This week only it is available for the bargain price of £1.02 from Amazon – LOOK!

It has an introduction from Nik Kershaw (Nik Kershaw!) And features stories from lots of ace people. I wrote a wee story called With a Kiss which was inspired by “You’ll be Mine” by The Pierces.

So, it’s totally cheap, rather cool, and helps a good charity. What’s not to like? Plus, you can play along by YouTubing each song as you read.

A leap year story

Calum Kerr, the founder of National Flash Fiction Day, has apparently limitless enthusiasm for the form of flash as he writes one every day on his blog “flash365”. When he realised his aim to write a flash for every day of the year hadn’t factored in the 29th February he invited other writers to send in stories, and he posted one an hour. Consequently, lots of tiny fictions are available for your reading pleasure.

My flash – “Disappearing Day” – can be read here.

National Flash Fiction Day Competition

I love flash fiction when it’s done well, where every word counts and a life is glimpsed, and I was pleased to be one of the judges for this competition. There were almost 300 entries and every one was read by each of the judges. The winner is a fab story by Angela Readman – “The Worst Head in the World” and the Top 10 list (which can be read here) features all kinds of excellent words. Go, read, enjoy.

Just to clarify – all the stories were anonymous; names were taken off and formatting made identical by Calum Kerr before he sent them to the judges.

National Flash Fiction day

I think it’s so cool that May 16th is National Flash Fiction Day. I heart flash and I’m delighted to be a) featured over on NFFD’s site and b) helping to judge the NFFD Flash competition. Details are here but basically you have until 31st January to submit your awesome flashes of not more than100 words to be in with a chance of winning some delicious books and a whole heap of glory.