Life gets pretty fucksy at times. It’s hard. It’s not always what we hoped for, not the way we dreamt it could be. I like to reference Dave Grohl, guru of all literary types, when he said “You just fucking play the hand you’re dealt.” That’s all we can do, right? So, I don’t have much time for writing, and that makes me feel a bit weird. I process life by writing so not writing means, perhaps, that I absorb a lot of what’s happening without dealing with it in my usual way. I’ve been looking for other ways to stay strong and finding enormous solace in nature. Look at the sea. The moon. Stars. Trees. Flowers. These are the things that help me breathe. And the Prosecco. Hoho. Anyway, I took a couple of photos/snaps in Worthing and they are pretty damn gorgeous. Thought I’d share.

Worthing sunset