How The Trouble Started by Robert Williams

Robert Williams is the author of Luke and Jon, a young adult/crossover novel which I loved. How The Trouble Started is his second novel and can be found in adult fiction, however, there is a definite continuation of theme and style in this story of guilt, isolated children and single parenting. Donald, the first person... Continue Reading →

The only book to be reviewed twice on my blog: Luke and Jon by Robert Williams

My son Dylan has been reading Luke and Jon and discussing it with me. I asked him if he'd like to write a review for my blog. He said yes, but that he was going to say exactly what he thought and hoped he didn't upset the author. "I think Luke and Jon was very beautifully... Continue Reading →

Two jolly good books

I recently read a couple of damn fine books and made a mental note to blog about them. The problem with mental notes is that they end up muddled and mixed in with all sorts of gubbins from my mind so I am unable to offer much in the way of constructive thinking. Ho hum,... Continue Reading →

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