Literary magazine crushes.

I am somewhat fickle. I have my all time favourite lit places (Pulp Net, FRiGG, Smokelong…) which I remain loyal to, and then there are those that catch my eye with shiny newness and good words (Kill Author, Cella’s Round Trip) that I will keep an eye on, there are lots that I regularly read or skim read at least, but there are some that I fall a little in love with, and then I fall out of love with. I start off excited by their “voice” or look, or editorial, I like some of the stories, I want in. I’ll maybe submit, I’ll maybe be accepted, or rejected, it doesn’t seem to affect how I go on to feel. Then pow, it’s over. Perhaps I tire of the samey samey stories, or the voice becomes too loud and all knowing, maybe the shine dulls a bit, the quality control seems to have gone way off. I’ll come out now and say that Mslexia was my big goal as a beginner writer. I thought if I got in there it would really mean something, but this last year I haven’t even subbed to them once. The love affair is over for now (though I won’t give up my subscription ever I assume.) My last crush was PANK, or was it Roxane Gay? I am kinda crushing on wigleaf right now. All that cute, quirky goodness! My first love was Pulp Net, and it was such a thrill that they showed me some love too. They’ll always be my number one!

Am I alone in this or do you have these lit mag crushes too?

Who is your current love? Who is your old faithful? I’d love to know.