Three things.

1) Vanessa Gebbie  has signed a deal with Bloomsbury for her novel "The Coward's Tale" to be published in hardback in November 2011 and paperback 2012. This is simply wonderful news. Vanessa is a hugely talented writer: uncompromising, determined, and inspirational. Many congratulations, Vanessa!2) In other news there's an interesting discussion at Jane Smith's How Publishing Really... Continue Reading →

This sucks…

Remember the anti-plagiarism day? Remember the whole ghastly "one writer in a workshop stole from another writer" thing? Ugh. It's uncomfortable. I want to look away. I want to look. I don't want to be involved, and yet as writers we are all involved really. It's our duty to speak out. Isn't it? Anyway, seems... Continue Reading →

Selling short story collections

I have a small piece up at Jane Smith's interesting "How publishing really works" blog. It is part of a trio regarding Tania Hershman's publication of her debut collection The White Road and Other Stories.

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