Three things.

1) Vanessa Gebbie  has signed a deal with Bloomsbury for her novel “The Coward’s Tale” to be published in hardback in November 2011 and paperback 2012. This is simply wonderful news. Vanessa is a hugely talented writer: uncompromising, determined, and inspirational. Many congratulations, Vanessa!

2) In other news there’s an interesting discussion at Jane Smith’s How Publishing Really Works blog about the Brit Writer’s Awards and their recent invitation to apply  for a chance to join their publishing programme (where for a fee of £1,795 fifteen writers will be guaranteed to be published with a “…top publisher before Christmas 2011”). Hmmm.

3) I have deemed myself the anti-fest. Truth is that it’s been a shitty year and I’ll be glad to see the back of it even though I can’t see things changing much in the new year. Whilst I’m glad of the break from school/work grind I find it hard to participate in something I view so warily. Christmas seems a pacifier to the workers, a time to kick back and indulge in too much of whatever it is you want to indulge in. And at the same time we prop up our capitalist society by spending way too much money on stuff in a bid to show those we care for that we love them. So, the most festive I’m going to get is by sharing this awesome video with you (cheers to Big Adam for bringing it to my attention.) It’s Slayer, it’s Reign In Blood, it’s Christmas lights, it’s amazing!

This sucks…

Remember the anti-plagiarism day? Remember the whole ghastly “one writer in a workshop stole from another writer” thing? Ugh. It’s uncomfortable. I want to look away. I want to look. I don’t want to be involved, and yet as writers we are all involved really. It’s our duty to speak out. Isn’t it? Anyway, seems like it’s all out in the open at How Publishing really Works. Look. Don’t look. Ghastly innit!