FRiGGy goodness

I am so happy to say that the fall issue of FRiGG has gone live today and features one of my stories. You can read “Ha ha bonk” here.

FRiGG is one of my favourite places so I was thrilled when Ellen Parker liked my piece. She asked me if I could expand it, and yes, actually I could. The narrator and her son are the characters from my novel in progress “Salted” and it was fun seeing them go off and breathe elsewhere.

This issue of FRiGG also features work from Z.Z. Boone, David Erlewine (is it just me or is that guy everywhere I look these days?), Jenny Halper, Martin Heaviside, Lyn Lifshin, George Moore, Simon Perchik, Kenneth Pobo, Ronnie K. Stephens, Bethan Townsend and Joseph R. Trombatore – read their good words here.