She Smiles at Corium Magazine

Corium Magazine‘s first anniversary issue is now live and features some pretty damn fine words. Please check out Donna D Vittuci’s story In The Good Light.

I am chuffed to have a tiny fiction there: She Smiles.

5 thoughts on “She Smiles at Corium Magazine

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  1. Thank you for the link to Donna's story, "In the Good Light" which I thoroughly enjoyed.Congratulations on "She Smiles." A brutal and beautiful ending, thank you.

  2. Hey Sara Nice to read your teeny fiction. Beautifully written as always.See you beat me to it on Jo, by quite a way, we did a short interview but it took a while….Lane

  3. Honestly, it's so kind of y'all to bother to write comments. Thankyou Rachel and Ethel – Donna's story is very good indeed – I'm a big fan of DDV's words. And thanks for reading my story.Cheers Louise and Lane. ANd many thanks for the compliments.And Lane – it took me months to manage to get Jo's review done! Poor Jo has been very patient. Good collection, isn't it?

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